Karissa Shannon Sextape Video With Sam Jones III

Karissa Shannon Sextape Video With Sam Jones III

Playboy adult star Karissa Shannon sextape video is proved that there is a porn video of her and Heidi Montag in addition to her and boyfriend Sam Jones III. We previously recognized that even though so what else is this woman and Vivid’s head honcho exposing, well you are planning to have to keep looking at to uncover. I may state this particular though integrated is the trailer of Shannon and Jones as well as the launch time of the elicit video clip of the loved ones. Click Here To Watch Karissa Shannon Sextape Video Now! .

karissa shannon sextape videoFollowing combating teeth and claw to cease a very visual documenting of certainly 1 of their intercourse tapes for heading open, the previous flare of Playboy creator Hugh Hefner and her fresh black gorgeous porn star of the lengthy working CW series Smallville – possess apparently achieved a six-figure package to sign over the rights to Karissa Shannon Sextape video, airing the up coming 30 days.

“Its certainly the most intense and kinkiest filthy clip that I’ve ever observed,for a celebrity that is Karissa Shannon sextape video. There’s every thing you are able to think about – whips, chains, handcuffs. It’s completely insane,” Hirsch chuckled as Sam and Karissa struggled to maintain the sextape video hidden just a few days back. What Are You Waiting For Check Out Hot Blondie Playmate Karissa Shannon Now!

We’ve been informed not too lengthy ago Spencer was at the Malibu home he once embraced with Heidi shifting out some of his goods. Options inform us Spencer came upon a digital camera with XXX of Heidi and Karissa Shannon sextape video — and also the light bulb discontinued.

Karissa Shannon owes Spencer Pratt a massive thank you!

Thanks to Spencer, Karissa Shannon sextape video and her similarly income-starving partner Sam Jones will probably be obtaining plenty of hundreds of bucks for the launch of their controversial sextape video.

In the beginning, Karissa Shannon sextape video owes Spencer Pratt a massive thank you! and Sam pretended like they had been let down that the sextape video may go public but a short debate and a 6-figure offer later and also the two had been prepared and inclined to promote any shred of pride they had left.

Here’s what Vivid chief honcho Steven Hirsch had to say:

“We are thrilled to ultimately deliver this incredible Karissa Shannon sextape video DVD. Not only is it very hot, horny and kinky for a celeb intercourse tape, Karissa is completely stunning. And as for Sam, let’s just say he’s no ‘Smallville.’ This is certain to be certainly 1 of our all-time greatest sellers.”

Earlier, Steven was found on tape stating that the Karissa Shannon and Sam intercourse tape was the horniest and wildest intercourse tape they’ve ever observed with a fantastic deal of “whips and chains and handcuffs.”

Does Karissa Shannon have what it takes to outsell Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and even Kendra Wilkison? Find out NOW what this kinky pornstar can do with Sam Jones III NOW!


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